The CDC Guide to Fruit & Vegetable Strategies to Increase Access, Availability and Consumption

From the CDC:

This document highlights seven strategies that focus on environmental and policy changes to increase access to and improve availability of fruits and vegetables, with the expectation that this improved access and availability will lead to increased consumption. The selection of each of these strategies is based on the best available evidence as well as the knowledge and experience of the authors of the guide and partners and experts from outside of CDC.


Below we define each strategy and provide highlights of its potential impact on fruits and vegetable access and availability. The strategies selected are: 1. Promote food policy councils as a means to improve the food environment at the state and local level; 2. Improve access to retail venues that sell or increase availability of high quality fruits and vegetables in currently underserved communities; 3. Include or expand farm-to-where-you-are programs in all possible
venues through farm-to-institution programs (targeting schools, hospitals, worksites), farmers’ markets, and community supported agriculture; 4. Ensure ready access to fruits and vegetables in worksite foodservice and in food offered at meetings and events through healthy foods in cafeterias and at meetings and events; 5. Support and promote
community and home gardens; 6. Establish policies to incorporate fruit and vegetableactivities into schools; and, 7. Include fruits and vegetables in emergency food programs.