JOB: President at Glynwood Center Inc.

Job Position: President (chief executive) of Glynwood Center, Inc.
Submission Deadline: February 10, 2012

Glynwood Center, Inc. is one of the nation’s premier nonprofit organizations in the field of sustainable agriculture and rural community development. We are now seeking a new President (chief executive) to take us into our next era of growth and expansion, building on a remarkable 17-year history of creative successes.

About Glynwood.

Glynwood’s mission is to enhance and strengthen the regional food system in the greater Hudson River Valley. Our home-base is a 225 acre farm and homestead in Cold Spring NY (approximately 90 minutes north of New York City in Putnam County), which encompasses a fully working demonstration farm with livestock, crops, an apprentice program and CSA; offices and meeting rooms (in former stables); and several homes and houses (staff housing and conference facility).

In addition to farming, educational and public activities at our facilities in Cold Spring, Glynwood also conducts a number of outreach programs, and develops model pilot projects. All our efforts are designed to improve the quality and expand the capacity of the regional food system, and to engender a rural community context in which local agriculture and its culture can flourish. Over the years, we have built a large and loyal network of people, organizations and communities -- local, regional, national, and international -- that turns to Glynwood for leadership, guidance and information about the growth and development of regional food systems and rural community development.

Glynwood’s immediate service region, the Greater Hudson River Valley, extends from the tri-state metro area of New York City, north to the state’s capital region in Albany and beyond; and from the Catskill Mountains to Western Massachusetts. Currently, we maintain a staff of 13 full-time and 3 part-time employees, and have an annual budget of approximately $2.9 million. Our endowment draw is applied toward our site operations, and we maintain an active ongoing resource and fund development program.

Our current situation.
As a result of a recent 4-month strategic planning process, in which many of our stakeholders participated, the Board of Glynwood resolved to continue to build the organization’s leadership role and extend its network of stakeholders in furtherance of the regional food system and rural community development. With the next phase of our strategic planning efforts underway, Judith LaBelle, our founding and current President (CEO), suggested that this would be the optimal time for her to hand over the management of Glynwood to a new chief executive. The Board concurred, and together they agreed that at such time as our next President is hired, she will become Glynwood’s first-ever “senior fellow” (working title), a thought leadership role based in New York City, that will afford her the time to reflect on and write about challenges and issues relating to Glynwood’s mission and concerns, and on the lessons learned in the first years of Glynwood’s existence. Ms. LaBelle will continue on a full-time basis during 2012 and part-time thereafter. During that time, she will continue to work on Glynwood’s Farm Business Incubator initiative and the Glynwood Institute, and will be available as a resource to her successor, as requested.

Strategic Imperatives.
As our chief executive officer, Glynwood’s next President will lead the organization into the future, building on a strong programmatic foundation, and guided by four imperatives established by a strategic framework approved by the Board:

1. Continue to conduct programs that strategically build the capacity of the regional food system while strengthening and enlarging the diverse network of stakeholders comprising that system.
2. Enlarge Glynwood’s role as a leader of the regional food system network through intentional and directed relationship-building efforts.
3. Develop a clear communications strategy that increases awareness and knowledge within and about the regional food system network and rural communities; more effectively shares with society what Glynwood has learned through its programs; and promotes Glynwood as a leading organization in sustainable agriculture and rural community development.
4. Augment the existing internal management core with structures, policies and procedures in governance, financial management, personnel and HR, communications technology, resource development, and internal assessment and programming, using current best practices for nonprofit management.

The ideal candidate will have a deep conceptual understanding, extensive practical experience at a senior management level, and a record of exemplary success in the several professional domains encompassed by the strategic imperatives described above:

1. Regional and national food systems (including agriculture-related enterprises), and rural community development
2. Nonprofit organizational development and management
3. Stakeholder systems and networks
4. Communications (all channels, including new media and social networks)
5. Resource development and support strategies
6. Program and facilities management

In addition, the ideal candidate will possess an engaging personality; an existing network of contacts and national presence that can be brought to bear; collaboration skills; and effectiveness in public speaking, team-building, network relationship development and management, and staff leadership.

The position is based at Glynwood Center in Cold Spring, NY. The salary will be commensurate with experience and comparable to organizations of similar type and size. A generous benefits package will also be provided, including the possibility of on-site housing.

We invite letters of interest and resumes from serious candidates. The letters (to “Glynwood President Search Committee”) should spell out the candidate’s career involvement and credentials regarding the issues and qualifications outlined in this announcement and articulate the candidate’s personal professional vision. Materials must be submitted in electronic form (only), as attachments in PDF format, addressed to;  subject line: “<your name> – Glynwood President Submission.” Submission must be received before midnight February 10, 2012. All submissions received on or before that date will receive full and serious review. We anticipate that the hiring will take place on or before June 1, 2012.

Questions regarding this announcement may also be submitted in writing by email to; subject line: “<your name> – Glynwood President Inquiry.” Please include your full name and contact information (email address and phone number) in the body of the email.

Suggestions of potential candidates may be made to subject line: “<your name> – Glynwood President Suggestion.” Please provide contact information and an email address. Glynwood Center, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.