Survey: Paid Internships for Healthy Food

The Center for Economic Opportunity was established to decrease poverty in New York City, and works with different city agencies to accomplish its mission.  The Office of the Food Policy Coordinator
supports and develops policies and programs to increase healthy food access, promote food security, and improve food system sustainability in New York City.  

Our offices are exploring opportunities for expanded partnerships to support food-focused paid internships for low-income or disconnected youth. Specifically, we are seeking input from potential work sites with an interest in hosting paid interns. The following is a short survey to gauge interest and help inform our understanding of this opportunity.


  1. Would your organization be interested in hosting interns between the ages of 18-24?
  2. How many interns would your organization be able to accommodate?
  3. Would you require a specific level of education to be completed? Any special skills? 
  4. What types of activities do you envision an intern engaging in at your organization? If applicable, under which of your programs?
  5. For how long do you foresee an internship taking place? (e.g., 4-8 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months, 1 year)?  How many hours per week would you foresee as typical?
  6. Do you see this as a seasonal opportunity?
  7. Does your organization currently have the capacity to provide work specific training, and oversee and monitor such a position?
  8. This questionnaire refers to your interest in participation as a host site, to which interns paid by youth organizations are assigned.  Alternatively, would you also be interested in participating as a provider with your own project, in which you pay wages to your own participants and are reimbursed by the City?  (Note, reimbursement would not be available for current employees.)

We would appreciate a response to the above questions, as well as any other information that your organization may deem important. Though just at the exploratory phase, we are excited about the possibility of providing opportunities to youth with an interest in healthy food.

Thank you for participating. Please feel free to circulate to other organizations that you feel may have an interest in this survey, and return answers directly to by Friday February 3, 2012.