FSNYC Recipe for the Future of Food in New York City

The FSNYC Recipe for the Future of Food in NYC has been updated! Click here for the latest working document (June 2013). Click here for a 1-page summary of the Recipe.


New York City is a food town, perhaps THE food town in the United States. Our health, economy, and environment are inextricably tied to our food system. During the past decade, undeniable progress has been made to raise awareness of, and improve, the City’s food system. But much work still remains. Climate change, the loss of regional farmland, and the lack of new farmers threaten our food system. Hunger stubbornly persists in our midst. And, our economy, still struggling back from the Great Recession, presents food system challenges and opportunities.


What better way to call for a better New York City food future than in the context of a recipe?  And so, Food Systems Network NYC (FSNYC) presents the Recipe for the Future of Food in New York City as a vision for food systems change. The Recipe offers our city’s food communities—anti-hunger, health, agriculture, distribution, labor, and eaters— the opportunity to engage in cooking up a better food system through conversation, collaboration, and advocacy that will inspire our city’s leaders to act, beginning with mayoral candidates.  FSNYC believes that a mayor and elected officials who understand the importance of food is critical to achieving a fairer and more sustainable, resilient, and economically stronger food system that will benefit every New Yorker.


The Recipe for the Future of Food in New York City calls for ingredients from six categories:

  • A New Public Partnership for Food (a City of New York Department of Food and an Independent New York City Food Systems Council)
  • Better Health and an End to Hunger
  • A Strong Food Economy with Good Jobs
  • Support for Regional Agriculture through Smart Procurement and Protection of Working Land and Water Resources
  • New Farm-to-Plate Distribution Infrastructure
  • Better Food Waste Reduction and Nutrient Recovery


What's next for the Recipe?

(items below appear in reverse chronological order)

June 2013

The FSNYC Recipe for the Future of Food in NYC has been updated! Click here for the latest working document (June 2013)!

May 21, 2013

At the April 24th, 2013 Open Networking Meeting, FSNYC members and representatives from other food system communities gathered to discuss the recently released Recipe for the Future of Food in New York City, a working document that outlines key ingredients for improving New York’s food system. Lead authors of the Recipe and members of the FSNYC Policy Subcommittee presented the document and answered audience questions. The interactive event also provided audience members with a chance to suggest ways to update and expand upon the document. And, in light of the upcoming New York City elections, there was much discussion about how to use the Recipe as a catalyst for action among City leaders.


Since the meeting, the Policy Subcommittee has compiled the audience’s comments and suggestions and is now in the process of finalizing the first update to the Recipe. Already, Recipe authors have fine tuned sections of the document in response to feedback from various food system communities. The Policy Subcommittee will review these updates and discuss next steps for action at its next meeting.


Thank you to all who shared your feedback on the Recipe, and we look forward to working with you and other food system community members in the future as we continue to inform City leadership on how to preserve and strengthen the New York City food system.


If you have questions or are interested in joining FSNYC's Policy Committee, email info@foodsystemsnyc.org.


Carolyn Zezima

Michael Addison

Acting Co-Chairs, Policy Subcommittee



April 16, 2013

FSNYC invites all who are interested in creating a better NYC food system to “test” the Recipe on April 24 at its open networking meeting. All are encouraged to share comments at the event or online.

  • What: All are invited to "test" the Recipe when FSNYC presents it for community comment
  • When: Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 6:00–8:15 pm
  • Where: Fund for the City of New York, 121 Avenue of the Americas, 6th floor, Main Conference Room, New York, NY 10013
  • RSVP: Let us know if you'll join us...RSVP requested, not required.
  • Tickets: FSNYC members attend free. Suggested donation of $10 for non-FSNYC members. Join now to become a FSNYC member
  • Download the most recent version of the Recipe. Note: The Recipe is a working document and may evolve between now and the election